Ankor Thom, The Bayon & Various other Excursions

Next up is Ankor Thom which the capital of the Khmer Empire in the late 12th century and which makes Ankor Wat seem miniscule in comparison.     With an 8 mile long perimeter wall with a wide moat surrounding it, it contains several temples of which the centre piece is the Bayon with 54 Towers bearing more than 200 huge but enigmatic Stone Faces.

Starting at the Terrace of Elephants (all 300m of it !!)

Then through the vastness of Ankor Thom and its ruined temples to The Bayou  as a centrepiece.

Next was a “gondola” cruise around the moat

And then a dinner theatre with a display of Aspara dancing girls and boys.

Then back to the hotel bracing ourselves for a 0400 start so see sunrise at Ankor Wat.


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