Consolidated Blog Update

I have now imported (not without untold glitches I might add !!) my two previous blog sites into this one.     The other two will sit there on their “cloud” until WordPress notice that I have not renewed the subscription at which point I imagine they will disappear.

I still need to learn a few tricks to make “navigating” a bit easier.   But for now if you keep scrolling down the Home Page the past 3 years of travels should flash before your eyes.     A shortcut to the earlier stuff, is to select a month from the archives box on the left.

I have realised that this blogging lark serves two purposes.   Firstly so that I can remember where I’ve been and what I’ve seen.  Secondly so that you can see what I have been up to.    If you can be bothered that is !!!

You will no doubt get a nudge (if you are a follower) when I am on the move again.     Next up is a trip down the Dnieper in May, from Kiev to Odessa, followed by 5 days in Istanbul.


Then a week on the Duoro (Portugal) in September with a side trip to Salamanca (Spain).  No airports – and hopefully no selfie-sticks.   yehaaa !!


Then in November off to Myanmar (Burma to you and me), and two weeks cruising up the Irrawaddy with a week of land based exploration before and after…

Myanmar - Stupa_20190306_171729

So watch this space………….