Coming back to Blighty – At least that’s the plan!

For a number of reasons I have had enough of Spain and am planning to return to the UK later this year and spend the rest of my time surrounded by the “Green Green Grass of Home”. And Devon certainly ticks that particular “box”. My old mate from Fulham days – DP already has one of the apartments so it seemed like a good idea at the time. However he has recently had a bad fall and is currently being bolted back together in hospital. Its a pretty whacky place but the old chapel & music room is now a part of the RW property portfolio. Currently planning to relocate in late August and the sale of my Villa is hopefully going through as I type. Lots of ongoing medical issues that don’t seem to go away. Part of the joy of getting old !!!

Having to make some gut-wrenching decisions regarding my canine family as I suspect I will only be able to cope with one out of the four. !! So watch this space…….

In the meantime I have a trip up the Danube scheduled for June. Delayed due to Covid for 2 years but should be a welcome break for the relocation nightmare which, post Brexit, is just that !!

Will hopefully be blogging as we make our way from the Black Sea to Amsterdam. Starts quite close the warzone so should be interesting ………