Huawei to the Rescue

While most of the Western world (or at least the USA & UK) are trying to distance themselves from Huawei, I love them !!! They do a USB dongle that will take a SIM Card and providing you can access a 4G mobile phone network gives you internet access. They also do another wonderful little box (Huawei C73D) that with SIM card and 4G access plugs into your PC, and apart from Internet access, also broadcasts Wi-Fi to up to 10 users of phones or tablets etc. The Mekong seems to have 4G, at least on the part that we are on, so hopefully Blogging can resume !!

Hurrah !!

2 thoughts on “Huawei to the Rescue

    1. Doubt you have got 5G though as I don’t think its available yet !! Willing to stand corrected but at least they you will be ready when they do. Watch out for Chinese cyberspies coming down your fibre !!

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