Sunrise and selfie sticks

Up before dawn when fortunately jetlag was working in my favour.    Most of our gang had opted for the tethered balloon and some wimped out.   So I entered Ankor Wat on my own,  to be greeted with a sea of Chinese with selfie sticks.    God they can be obnoxious !!   However after a bit of pushing and shoving I managed to get a vantage point and see over the top of them.    One of the advantages of being much taller than the average Oriental !!   However sunrise was a bit of a damp squid as the photo shows.    Sunset would have been much better (front lit) as the photo below (that I didn’t take !)   So we can tick that one off the list !!


Made a new friend on the way out before finding the trusty Sam with a Tuk-Tuk to take me back to the hotel for breakfast and a day of temple overload:

This is what sunset should look like

scan 29 jan 2019

More Temples to follow………


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