Artillery & Embryos


Drive back from Orianenbaum and decided to do a couple of museums in order to make a change from the bling and icon routine.     The first was the Artillery Museum.   A VAST collection of every type of projectile ever invented and/or used (by the Russians anyway) and the vehicles etc necessary to launch them.    Collection includes old & new with cannons captured from Napoleon etc.   Also an entire area celebrating Kalshnikov and his extraordinary contribution to global death and destruction – He designed and continued to develop the AK47 – favoured by every terrorist organisation and army on the planet !    He is virtually a saint in Russia and certainly a National Hero of the highest order…………

And one of the first computers used as a guidance system for early rockets


Then  onto the Kunstkammer – Peter the Greats centre for scientific and medical research, which contains many instruments brought back from his trips to Europe where he “harvested” as much knowledge and scientists, to take back to St Petersburg to try to get Russia up to speed with all things scientific and medical.     Apart from instruments, including a huge globe which could hold twelve people inside as it rotated and turned into a planetarium, and botanical paintings, he included a collection of pickled embryos of unusual specimens such a Siamese twins, chickens with six legs etc,     If you are squeamish – look away now !!!!



2 thoughts on “Artillery & Embryos

  1. Did you miss the cathedral dedicated to St Kalishnikov? I hear it is not for the squeamish too.. I love the medical exhibits . Fascinating. There is a wonderful medical museum in London where you can see all that stuff. See you soon. Xx

  2. Robbie, I so wanted to look away when you warned me about those pickled embryos but of course, as a seasoned rubbernecker, I couldn’t. Now I’m haunted for life!
    Your trip is just fascinating and I love the variety of places you visit and how well you document it all. It looks amazing! X

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