Back to the Hermitage

They say that it would take over 60 years to cover the Hermitage if you spent 5 seconds looking at every item on display and that’s not counting the 95% of items not on display !!   Or something like that !!

I cannot compete with the wonderful range of books that catalogue and photograph the various exhibits – not to mention the extraordinary surroundings in which they are housed.   The parquet floors for example are mind-blowing in their detail and craftsmanship.    Have just had to buy a new suitcase to carry my new library home !!  Anyway a brief selection.


Then onto Peter the Great’s original Winter Palace – a wooden and stone structure on the banks of the Neva, next door to its somewhat larger edifice.   It is currently being excavated and restored.

A view across the Neva and a blustery bride……

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