Peter the Greats close friend and political adviser Alexandr Menshikov built this palace and had intended it to be as grandiose as Peterhof, just down the road.    However his grandiose plans ultimately bankrupted him and his subsequent fall from grace resulted in exile to Siberia.

The Palace then became the residence of the heir to the throne including Peter the third who constructed a miniature – well not that small – fortress where he could play war games with soldiers and even had a large lake created so as to enact sea  battles.

It has far more the feel of a stately home rather than a bling filled palace although some of the decor is somewhat OTT.    Unfortunately a lot of the Main Palace is covered in scaffolding as they struggle to get someone to sign off on the restoration work that has bee completed for some time……………….

And inside ……….

Then back into St Peterburg for a bling free afternoon and a few surprises….

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