The best laid plans……

I had booked myself into a very nice hotel in Chang Mai for one night before I was due to board an evening flight to Bangkok and from there overnight to London and due to arrive at dawn on Monday. However after a quick bout of Temple, pagoda and Stupas I decided to spend a few hour by the pool.

Received an email alerting me to the fact that my flight from Chiang Mai had been rescheduled so that I would not make the connection to London. So several hours booking myself onto flight the next day and hotel at Chiang Mai Airport. All very tedious as was the 13 hour daytime flight to Heathrow!! Arrived late evening and checked into hotel at Heathrow before driving through freezing fog to Flete on Tuesday morning.

Max collected from Kennels on Wednesday morning. Very happy to be home (Me & Max).

Thai Airways now added to my sh1t list of airlines. Appalling service, uncomfortable seat, inedible food and eye watering cost for business class !

Will publish this and probably write an “epilogue” in due course. R

2 thoughts on “The best laid plans……

  1. Robbbie, so sorry you had a wretched trip home – but look where you’ve been!!! Fabulous photos all, but the last set of pagodas and temples (complete with sitting monks) are next level! 😮❤️✨

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