Luang Prebang

Luang Prebang was the royal capital of Laos until the communist takeover in 1975. It was once the administrative capital of Laos and an old French colonial town on the banks of the Mekong and it’s tributary, the Nam Khan . A great vibe and very popular with backpackers and adventurous travellers. Lots of boutique hotels, shops, spas, cafes and restaurants. Also numerous temples (wats) and palaces all accessible by foot or tuk-tuk, as well as a thriving night market. The locals still continue a traditional rural lifestyle involving farming and trading.

We arrived at our mooring in the centre of town for 3 nights of exploring the town and surrounding area.

A slightly strange ceremony and blessing on board on evening followed by some traditional Laotian dancing before I ventured out for the first of two delicious dinners in the local restaurants.

Checked out the Night market but resisted the temptation to buy anything. Having spent most of last year downsizing prior to my move back to the UK, the last thing I need is any more global clutter ! Visited “the worlds best silk workshop” interesting but overpriced.

Set off upriver through stunning scenery to another remote village selling local “whisky” in bottles containing the obligatory snakes, spiders and scorpions and a vast assortment of silk and cotton textiles etc.

Okay it’s a fair cop I did buy a few scarves to support the local community and maybe keep me warm once I get back to Devon !

Transferred to a long boat for a visit to an amazing set of caves containing thousands of Buddha statues. Accessed by approx 300 steps which got the calf muscles whinging a bit, but great views back over the river.

Back to the Mothership for a last few days cruising before crossing over into Thailand and the long trip home …..

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  1. Loving your travel writing Robbie and the photos are bringing back wonderful memories of my trip there in so many year’s ago.

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