Mekong Excursions on the way to Luang Prabang

Having made it to the Laos Pandaw as the sun went down we awoke to thick fog which delayed our departure until it cleared. Unfortunately this meant that we were unable to stop at Pak Lao – an old French colonial outpost. So we spent the day cruising up the spectacular Mekong River.

We stopped of during the afternoon to stretch our legs and visit a local village. Very friendly locals who must have thought that we were from another planet. Very remote and seemingly self sufficient with an assortment of livestock including pigs and chickens etc.

Various photos of village life – including a rack of dried rat – a local delicacy apparently. Lots on dogs and puppies running around and way too much talk about how they are also on the menu.

After clearing the dam/locks we dropped in on another village. A different ethnic group and a very different vibe. No electricity and a pretty low standard of living compared to the previous village. Prone to discrimination due to them having allied themselves and fought along side the US forces during the “secret war” that never happened in the late sixties.

Cruised on up the river/lake to Muang Khay Village on the way to Luang Prebang. Visited a stunning series of waterfalls with a bear sanctuary attached. Followed by a visit to a dismal Butterfly Farm followed by an even more tedious visit to a buffalo, rabbit and pig farm. A paint drying exhibition would have been more interesting !!!!!

Cruised on upstream and moored at Luang Prabang for a 2 night stay. Details and Photos to follow….

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  1. How interesting about the people who sided with the US. So much we don’t know. Dried rat, dogs. Urgh. Devon will be heaven on your return. 😂xx

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