Izzy RIP

The End of An Era

It is with a heavy heart that I have to let you all know that Izzy has been battling a nasty Lymphoma on her throat for a few months and on Friday she finally gave me that “Bully Look” that meant “time to go”.    She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and gone to join Cleo and Mambo and the others.    Needless to say I am pretty gutted as she was a wonderful dog and we had many amazing times and adventures together !!
It is the end of an era for me having had Bullies in my Pack for over 30 years.  I have been sorely tempted to get another, but I am not as strong as I used to be, and think it wisest if I stick to my selection of Spanish rescue dogs to keep me company.
My Bull Terriers have always been the core of my team and especially my Dikram Trio who were all amazing !!!   

Izzy – A Celebration

I have many memories of her adventures and escapades. Probably the most memorable was when Izzy and Mambo decided to explore Central London as soon as RWP arrived to set up camp in Green Park for the Diamond Jubilee. Izzy was brought back by one of the off duty Royal Protection officers heading for Westminster Bridge while Mambo had made his way into one of the “stalls” in the Royal Mews and was entertaining the Queen’s horses etc !

Izzy overcame many medical and health crises but in total Bull Terrier style defied all the experts and always bounced back !!! This was one “bounce” too many and we were forced to surrender. Needless to say she has left a large hole in the household but the rest of the pack are in fine form and keeping me on my canine toes !!

Meanwhile I am going stir crazy down here…………

My November return trip to Myanmar is looking increasingly doubtful as the dreaded virus continues to sweep the planet. As soon as Pandaw resume their river cruising schedule, and it is logistically possible and safe to do so, I will be there. The Dogs Jigsaws and Netflix continue to keep me relatively sane, as I watch from the sidelines, as the world goes mad and Covid 19 triggers consequences and crises that a few month ago were unimaginable !!! Respect for, and sympathy with, many of the worlds “leading” countries is diminishing. Lets hope that the bickering and conspiracy lunacy goes away and we all get through this nightmare safe and sane. Right now the future does not look great !!!

Pack Update – August 2020

6 thoughts on “Izzy RIP

  1. Dear Robbie So very sorry to hear that the last of your adored bullies has crossed the rainbow bridge.  How heart wrenching for you, and just now when we are all bereft one way and another to add that load sounds just too much.     Clemancy and I crossed the bridge on Monday into our next decade and I think you will be joining us in November? We had all our descendants who are in the UK with us for a mega weekend here with much wine and cocktails and champagne and food and a jukebox and a bouncy castle and swimming tennis and croquet and a lot of laughter.  Strange times and Eugenie and her 3 boys and Matt in Sydney could not come and Clemancy’s oldest, Jamie has just had a son in Greece so they could not come either – I hope all is safe in your part of Spain.  We are fortunate here to be in such a rural area – but just think of being in a city with no outdoor space.  No wonder when the lockdown was eased people went  bit dotty. Much love and a virtual hug xx Delphie

  2. HI Robbie,

    Just seen your Facebook post and responded. Such sad news I am so sorry. You still have a fantastic Gang but its hard when you lose such a companion. I have finally found my buddy….little Billy a terrier who was abandoned and showed up at my sister’s stables where he hung out for two weeks until I met him…. Love at first sight.

    He is fab!! Easy peasy in all ways and loves the long walks… frightened me last week when he bogged off for 2 hours in the campo but also I think he frightened himself as he was hot tired and bewildered when I found him. Hope that was the ONE and only time I lose him. Here he is snapped in happy action by a photographer friend.

    When the heatwave departs come up to Gaucin for a visit. I am living in Sarah De Graff’s casita which I expect you know as I caught up with Sara a few weeks ago at Clare Copeman’s. I am in the Triays for the last two weeks in August too, covering for Patricia’s holiday but other than that work is very depleted due to Covid. Few massage clients and I have to be careful with taking on new people as I don’t know where they have been!! I am thinking of other ways to make ends meet. Not on the street yet though, ha!

    Take care and lets make a date when weather cooler Cx


  3. Dear Robbie,
    I am devastated to read about the loss of your beloved Izzy. I remember when you first started out with your Bullies and how many years of pleasure they have given to you. Losing a dog is soul destroying but I’m so thankful you are continuing to help with your Spanish rescues. They are so lucky to have you! Stay safe and well and sending you lots of love x Steph

    1. Thanks Steph !! Those bullies are/were very special to me as you know. The end of a long 30 year “era” comes to a close. My Spanish team are wonderful but “there is nothing like the love of a Bull Terrier” !!! Have been following your travels and am very jealous of Van Diesal. Have always wanted one of those. Maybe now with a reduced pack I could reconsider it. My previous experience was with a wonderful GMC motor home that I rented back in the late 70s with some mates and whose brakes failed coming down the PCH from Big Sur. Arghhhhhh !! Love R xx

  4. Robbie, so sorry to hear about the loss of treasured Izzy. Thanks for sharing some of her stories – quite the characxter, as one would expect from a dog belonging to you. Looks like the rest of the gang will keep boredom at bay! Sending love and well wishes, Nicky x

    1. Thanks Nicky. Pretty gutting as she is/was the last of 35 years of Bullies and has left a gaping hole in the pack !! Hope all is well (or at least a lot better !!) with you. I hear from Roger sporadically when he is not in the river or moors !!!. Doing lots of nostalgic reading/viewing while this mess unravels. 60s & 70s LA – Laurel Canyon etc. Keep in touch R xx

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