What a difference a couple of months makes !!!

Got back from my Myanmar trip in early December just in time for stunning result in UK Election, and an end in site to the interminable Brexit uncertainty. Australia was on fire and there was a rumour of a new flu virus coming out of China.

Hurley arrived from Adana (local dog rescue). One of a litter of 10 puppies abandoned on the mountain behind Estepona along with their mother .


Nick & Sara had already adopted Zeus & Apollo – two of Hurley’s brothers so it keeps them “in the family”. Their mother was a German Shepherd cross and subsequent DNA tests have indicated that Dad was a cross between a Brittany Spaniel, an English Cocker Spaniel, and various other Spanish Herding/Sporting/Hound breeds. Loves swimming and destroying sofas and cushions and eating carpets (anything actually)! However he has fitted in well, is much loved, and has bonded with the rest of the team (now back up to 5).

Fast forward 2 Months…………

The Chinese flu rumour has escalated to a full blown global pandemic. Seemingly unstoppable, and with Europe as the current epicenter, the world has gone into panic mode and damage control. Most countries have sealed their borders and implemented drastic policies of “lock down” and Social Isolation/Distancing. Here in Spain, the entire population has been ordered to stay at home and avoid all travel and external contact with other humans. The Police and Army are on the streets enforcing the lock down and any trips to pharmacies and food shops are controlled and limited. All shops, bars & restaurants are closed, But then, unless you have been hiding in a cave for the past few weeks, you probably know all of this already !! Depending on what country you find yourself in, and what control measures are in place, it is a very different and scary world out there !!! All sorts of shit going down and the world has gone into medical and economic meltdown !!

Fake News and other Bullshit

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day and Social Media is full of “fake news” and other misinformation, which is quite frankly bullshit. There are a very few “rays of sunshine” emerging and even fewer, sources of reliable information. The health services in most countries are stretched to (if not beyond) the limit but are doing an amazing job as they try to keep up with ever changing nightmare scenarios.

Communities are rallying together to support each other, There are unfortunately still many folk who are in denial about the gravity of the situation. Also some arseholes who are refusing to comply and thereby putting other peoples lives and well-being in jeopardy !!

I will try to stick to what I consider to be reliable sources which include:

  • World Health Organisation
  • NHS (UK)
  • HSE (Spain)
  • BBC Website

So conspiracy theorists and bullshitters Look Away Now !!!

I will also include anything that I consider positive or that will put a smile on my/your face !!

Lets start with Danni Ravden – https://danniravden.com/ Her Svetlana, Chantelle and Lemon personas are fantastic !!!

I will post this now and update as and when I get bored or there is stuff worth publishing !! Stay Safe.

4 thoughts on “What a difference a couple of months makes !!!

  1. Hi Robbie We are not yet marshalled by police or army – although we do have a soldier son in law who is about to be working from home –  currently based at Shrivenham – army training HQ where they have some cases I hear… Sorry about your Pandaw cruise.  My much loved Aussie cousin and her cousin have enjoyed many in Myanmar and Cambodia, right up the Chindwin and right up the Mekong – they agree with you that the standard of service is excellent and good food and a lot of smiling sailors trying to keep them off sandbanks when the river was low up the Chindwin.   Still, there will be chances in the future and they will welcome old friendly customers with open arms. All so far so good in Kingham.  I’ve been putting together a data base of our elderly and ringing the all to check I can have their details on the computer and share it.  Only very very few have internet or even a mobile phone, so it is landline or knock on the door and stand back when they open it.   On we go.  Clemancy fine in London.  I rather wish I’d just get it and be over with it, but meanwhile Chris and I have a business to run and plenty of things to occupy us in the house and garden. Love to you, always enjoy reading what you send through xx Delphie

  2. Returned yesterday from a few days in Adelaide following three weeks in NZ and having just missed the NZ Australian quarantine and border restrictions
    We’re self isolating for the next few weeks except for working our London allotment a short walk from our house
    Shopping is being done for us by our eldest daughter
    Hopefully by following these sensible precautions and the hygiene advice we’ll avoid infections
    I wish everyone the best in these difficult times

    1. Glad to hear that you made it back OK !! What a fucking mess !! Spain is totally locked down for the foreseeable future. Having to resort to blogging and jigsaws to try and preserve my sanity. Sara had a nasty heart attack a few weeks ago so all is not great there and she is definitely a “vulnerable person” !! Methinks this will take a while to sort itself out. I have been socially isolating for a while but for the majority of souls it must be a hell of a shock !! Keep in touch and Stay Safe. R

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