Cruising back to Porto via Lamego

We now head back down river to Porto where we embarked.    Heading downstream with locks in reverse order.  The omnipresent Mr Sandeman towering over the river as a constant reminder that we are in Port country !!

A morning visit to Lamego with amazing chapel at the top of a very impressive flight of 700 steps all adorned with Blue Tiles and fountains etc.   We were bussed to the top and walked down !!    Then had a couple of hours to explore the town,  its cathedral and museum before heading back to the Douro Prince for the final cruise back to Porto.

Arrived back in Porto as the sun set behind what are now a familiar set of bridges.     A final dinner and then ready for disembarkation tomorrow and the start of the drive home..


4 thoughts on “Cruising back to Porto via Lamego

  1. Robbie,

    Delighted you are enjoying Portugal – keep up the good work, or rather pleasure!

    Our next major excursion is in search of winter warmth next February (I fear winter warmth is becoming a habit) – this time starting in Australia and ending in Tahiti.

    All best wishes,

    Jon & Ann.

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