Douro cruising and a day in Salamanca

The Douro is the main “artery” of the Portuguese wine and Port industry.    Porto is where we set off from and spent 3 days cruising up river until we hit the Spanish border and above which the river is no longer navigable.    Six major or locks have to be negotiated – the largest of which involves a 35m change in levels.

Various excursions on the way mainly to Port production facilities and which I largely avoided but a number of interesting and scenic & cultural stops on the way.      The majority of my fellow passengers (30 ish in total and a motley bunch of elderly mostly female) seem to be here for the wine & port tastings !!

A visit to the ancient town of Castello Rodrigo famous for its almonds and its quaintness.

Then a day trip across the border into Spain and Salamanca.    A wonderful city (the oldest university in Spain) with serious cathedrals and other monumental architecture.

Then two hours back on the bus to Portugal to the Douro Prince and the cruise back down river to Porto……….

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