Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Everywhere

A flight from Danang to Hanoi and straight into a city tour which included the inevitable French Opera House, the never ending competition of how many people can you get on one motor scooter ?    A lot of very thin “tube houses” and a flower market.    Of yes and a very blingy Hummer……….

Then onto a the Temple of Literature which is the oldest university in Vietnam.    A huge series of Temples and Pagodas, a gold turtle surrounded by bank notes, lots of incense and some very big drums and bells….

There was some sort of graduation ceremony taking place in the main courtyard:

Then onto the Museum of Ethnology – not terrible exciting but the History Museum was still closed for Tet New year.

Some ladies doing yet another photo op, the history of Egg Coffee and the local Railway station.

We then headed into the labyrinthine Old Quarter and its various markets etc

The chickens with the Roses up their bums are en-route to one of the temples as an offering !!   All too much for the chap with the wellies !!

Then another temple, this one on an island on a lake, a huge turtle who is much venerated and dead !

Then onto Ho Chi Minh’s house and mausoleum with very smart soldiers changing the guard.   Why do they always try to outdo John Cleese and the Ministry of Silly Walks ?

Then onto Ho’s House and some of his cars.   He refused to live in the Palace that they build for him, preferring a simple stilt house in the garden.   Likewise he did not use the Limo much !!


The One Pillar Pagoda and that was it for the day.



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  1. Ah yes, the dead turtle…in the good old bad old days, I saw a few mates emerge from the bedclothes wearing a similar expression! X

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