My Son and back to Hoi An

Now of course I don’t have a son, so just to explain, it is the name of a very old group of temples in the jungle outside Hoi An.    Unfortunately the Americans reduced most of the sites to rubble, along with huge swathes of this wonderful country.    However there is enough left standing to be quite impressive !!    Built by the Cham dynasty as a religious center between the 4th and 13th century.    The Cham arrived in Vietnam from Indonesia and worshipped Hindu Gods including Shiva, Ganesh etc.   See previous posting for examples of Cham sculpture and carving.   Lots of rounded breasts and dancing girls !!

There is still a lot of unexploded ordinance in the surrounding area and the statuary is displayed with a couple of US bombs that fortunately did not go off.    Also a rather stunning butterfly amongst the rubble !

And a colourful lizard on the way out !


Then we headed back to Hoi An for a very unimpressive pottery display and then a short boat ride along the Thu Bon River to our hotel.    A rather tedious set menu dinner in a local restaurant and they back to pack for a flight from Danang to Hanoi.   The luggage has expanded and am hoping that I can get away without paying too much  excess baggage !!

Next stop Hanoi……….

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