Ta Prohm & Lara Croft

Built as a Buddhist monastery in the 12th Century AD Ta Prohm is best known for its starring role with Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft – Tomb Raider (it was a movie and video game apparently).    The jungle has encroached to such an extent that huge Strangler Fig and Banyan trees  have grown up through the ruins and continue to stake their claim to  considerable effect both visually and structurally !!

Landmines still play a major part in rural Cambodia as over 40 million of them survived the US and Vietnamese incursions and the ensuing struggles.    This local band comprises musicians, all of whom are amputees and the majority of Kmher families have had at least one or more members (excuse the pun) affected.    That is apart from the 2 million who were massacred by the Khmer Rouge under the rule of Pol Pot and his cronies !!


Next up – Ankor Thon and the Bayon…..

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    1. Not sure if you got my earlier reply to your orb enquiry !! Wi-Fi not great but we are getting there. Boat is fab, some of the fellow travellers are a motley crew. But we have formed a team of seven and look after each other. Hearing aids and knee & hip replacements abound !! Only 28 in total on the boat so quite civilised R xx

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