Angkor Wat

Angkor was the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire between AD 800 & 1430 and occupies a vast area of over 200 Sq Km of Northwestern Cambodia.    All the original wooden houses and palaces have long since decayed, leaving an incredible array of vast stone temples with the perimeter walls and defences still intact.    Ankor contains around 70 temples which can be likened to the skeletal remains of a once immensely powerful civilisation.      With all of the timber building having gone, the jungle has taken over and, in many cases smothered the remains, that are contained within the Angkor region.  Ankhor (City) Wat (Temple) is the largest religious monument on the planet but is however dwarfed by the adjacent remains of the even larger Ankor Thom which is protected by an 8m high wall which is over 12km long !!     The Khmer Empire embraced various religions, mainly Buddhism and Hindu (from India), combined with local customs such as ancestor worship and animalism.       What remains of the sandstone “skeleton” scattered throughout the jungle has to be experienced first hand as photos do not come close to describing its scale and grandeur.      Whilst Ancient Egypt was several millennia before Ankhor it is nothing on the scale of what remains of the once powerful Khmer Empire.   Anyway we start at Ankor Wat so brace yourselves for several days of full-on temple and jungle immersion ……….    First a “No Drone” policy..




A team photo and some of the local population….

Needless to say is ALL intricately carved on an immense scale including a 600m long panel of bas relief apsaras (dancing girls) and other embellishments…

The sun set and we headed out for a Cambodian Dinner (think Thai with a slight French influence)


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    1. It is !!! Absolutely mind blowing !!! With scrummy Thai-ish food to go with it. And perfect weather as well !! Set off on the boat tomorrow for what should be a relaxing week on the river. R xx

  1. Even in photographs, one can feel an immense power radiating from these fantastic structures…and the food sounds delicious!

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