Errata and Stuff.

A couple of eagle eyed followers of this blog have pointed out a couple of inaccuracies, including the fact the Catherine the Great cant have had much to do with the murder of Paul 1st as she had already been dead for several years when he met his demise.     Off to the airport now for flight to London and a night at the Arts Club before heading back to Spain for canine reunions and Spanish reality check tomorrow.

My Russian SIM has been replaced with my Spanish one so that normal service should be resumed imminently.

I will probably make a few final tweaks and corrections, and update the Credits and Acknowledgement page, when I have recovered from what has been a full-on and amazing trip, in a country that, though a tad frustrating at times, never ceases to impress and amaze !!

Thanks for reading/following.   Not sure how many of you will have seen it through to the end !



One thought on “Errata and Stuff.

  1. Thanks Robbie for the interesting AND amusing blog, thoroughly enjoyed it
    Enjoy a rapturous welcome from the family and paws up for a few days after an all go trip.
    Joan xx

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