The Homecoming

Its been a while and I had forgotten about the joys of jet-lag.  So up at dawn and a few hours of unpacking before heading off to the Kennels to pick up the “family”.


Only fitting that as this epic adventure started with them, so it has (for now anyway) concluded.

Anyway the “bouncing” has now ceased and everybody is happily back into their summer routine which involves finding the coolest patch of floor and sleeping on it……













Its almost as though nothing ever happened  !!!    However I know that it did – an AMAZING trip the memories of which will last for ever – until the next one that is….!!

Watch this Space !!

PS.    To my fellow travellers and anyone else who is still interested I will continue to tweak this and eventually transfer the “posts” to a “page” with all of the photos etc.

Thanks for reading/following


This site is dedicated to Mambo who passed on while we were still in the planning stage.



RIP !!!

4 thoughts on “The Homecoming

  1. Hola Robbie – What an adventure. I am in California and word of your travels came up. Love the photos – and I can see you have increased your canine family ……

    So glad to hear you are well and trekking the planet ! MT 🙂

    1. Hello Stranger.
      Long time no hear from !! Yes have been on an extraordinary adventure across Russia having become fascinated by Russian History. I am now back in Spain where I now live with my enlarged pack (2 of my core team of Bullies from UK & 4 local rescue dogs).
      Really enjoyed my trip and doing the web/blogsite. Am starting to think about the next adventure.
      Keep in touch

      R x

      1. Hey hola Robbie –

        You may be off adventuring somewhere in the world again or you may be somewhere in Spain hiking out with your pack ….

        I’m staying with friends (19-28 Sept) who’ve bought a fixer-up & wondered if you live anywhere close to could catch up over a Sangria or two. They live between Alhaurin el Grande & Coin .

        I’m now in Camden, getting on down with the kids and working as a freelance stylist improving visuals & standards wherever I go 😂😂😂

        Not sure how often you check your Comments Section …. but will let this loiter here in the hope you read it .

        Marie-Therese x

  2. Dear Robbie,

    Thank you for sharing your weblog with us. It was a pleasure for us to meet you on the Transsibierian trail with its historical sightseeing and to share the discovery of Russia together.
    All the best wishes from
    Sonnhilde and Marc

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