London – Reunions and the Pink Floyd Exhibit at the V&A

Off the plane at Heathrow and to the Copthorne Tara (Hotel in Kensington) for a brisk shower on the hottest day in London for decades, and then to dinner with Tara, Tim, Lucinda and Marzena (my old RWP family when “events” were our business.

A stroll down High St Ken and Exhibition Road to the V&A to meet Tara and have a “1st in the queue” tour of the Pink Floyd Exhibition (assembled and coordinated by by old mate Aubrey “Po” Powell.    A serious trip down memory lane with lots of stuff that I thought (and probably hoped) that I would never  see again.   And judging by the long queues of PF “anoraks” as we left – A huge success.


Not quite sure why, but I have to confess I had never been inside the V&A before despite having lived close to its doorstep for decades.    So to kill some time before I headed down to Gatwick I wandered through the Jewels and Bling galleries.    Almost rivals the Hermitage, but as usual no photographs allowed of the jewels.    But some iconostatis doors (Non-Orthodox of course) just in case I haven’t seen any for a while !!

Then down to Gatwick and an afternoon of escaping the sweltering heat in the BA lounge before flying down to Malaga and making it home at around midnight.

All well at VLS though weird not having “the kids” around.    However that was all about to change………………

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  1. Well done, old bean. What an epic! You must be knackered. Good work on the blog, interesting stuff. Hope to catch up with you ere long. Best, DP.

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