Swan Lake

The Marinsky theatre and production was fantastic though I have to say that I was slightly dreading three and a half hours of “Men in Tights”.    The 2 lengthy intermissions were almost as entertaining as the ballet with a full on circus of St Petersburg “glitterati” strutting around in all their finery, guzzling champagne and scoffing caviar.     The only drawback was that I was seated in close proximity to a total boor of indeterminate ethnic origin who insisted on bellowing “BRAVO” and other deafening outbursts every time a dancer came on stage.   Which given that it was a ballet with some 33 Swans and a scattering of confusing males meant that his outbursts were almost continuous.   A good job that there weren’t 4 acts as otherwise I suspect that either myself of some of my long suffering neighbours might have had to take action.   By the time of the curtain calls he was virtually horse and I legged it to the exit to avoid post balletic gridlock outside !

Swan Lake Programme

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