Peter The Great – Practical Joker

I forgot to mention that I visited Peterhof on Peter The Great’s birthday – Peter The Great - On His Birthday

Apparently PTG had a wicked sense of humour and the Park is riddled with “Trick Fountains” that were triggered by the approach anyone in their finery – especially ladies in their crinolines etc:

The unsuspecting victims would approach the bench for example but as soon as they stepped on the cobbles the fountains would erupt – sending the victim scurrying and shrieking to the bench.   As soon as they reached the “safety” of the bench a further jet would erupt from beneath them.    It must have gone down like a rattlesnake in a tombola considering the time that it took to get themselves through “Hair & Makeup” and into their unbelievably expensive frocks !   Likewise the umbrella fountain – anyway you get the idea and these are all still functioning (gravity fed from 14Km away) after 200+ years!!


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