North Vietnamese Update

This latest adventure was booked pre-covid and has been postponed and rescheduled several times. In retrospect January is not the best time to visit North Vietnam as it is mid winter here and somewhat colder than anticipated! Also the entire region has been celebrating the Chinese New Year which means that virtually everywhere is closed !! Pandaw have done their best to keep us entertained with twice daily excursions to a myriad of villages that would normally be thriving but are currently not !! All of the temples that we have visited are heaving with the locals making offerings and praying for happiness and prosperity in the New Year and at times it has felt as though we are intruding on their devotions.

The previous post has been updated with photos from the various excursions etc.

Tomorrow we transfer to Vientiane for our 10 day cruise on the Upper Mekong. It should be at least 10 degrees warmer and a lot more scenic and lush that the rather drab and industrial vistas that we have been cruising through in North Vietnam. Also New Year celebrations and shut down should be over so local life should be getting back to normal!!

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