Ageing Sucks – Robbie goes bionic with the addition of something called a pacemaker

Got back from my Italian adventure just in time without getting caught up/out in the latest round of Curfews, Lockdowns and Travel bans. However I had been feeling pretty lousy for many months and, without going into too many of the details and symptoms, things were deteriorating and felt myself grinding slowly to a halt. Lots of tests and scans later and some help from my Apple Watch we noticed that my pulse was dipping into the low danger zone (low 40s). Ok if you are a professional athlete but I’m afraid that I am not and never have been !!

Anyway after a hectic week of scans and scopes it was decided that a Pacemaker was in order. It all happened extremely quickly, but went into a very swish hospital in Marbella on Thursday, and by Friday evening was home with a sore shoulder and “Gizmo” inserted below my left collar bone.

Since then my pulse hasn’t dipped below 55 and am feeling a lot better !!! So guess that I may have to “celebrate ” my 70th in a few weeks after all.

Many thanks to Triay Medical Centre and to all the Staff at Helicopteros Sanitarios Hospital. Huge thanks also to Sara for driving, hand holding and dog/house sitting !! And of course Max, Daisy, Bella & Hurley for behaving while I was away and welcoming me back on my return !!

Next trip not due until I hopefully sail up the Danube next May, and then the Irrawaddy & Chindwin in November. Vaccines are appearing on the horizon so finger crossed that 2021 will be a vast improvement on 2020 and some semblance of normality will return.

Now if someone would sort out the Trump & US train wreck before there is no normality to return to ……………………….!!

Stay Safe, Wear a Mask, and just get used to the fact that Christmas may have to be postponed for 12 months. Not the end of the world surely – especially if you are a turkey !!! Just think of the money saved and grief avoided !!!

Onwards and Upwards


4 thoughts on “Ageing Sucks – Robbie goes bionic with the addition of something called a pacemaker

  1. So sorry to hear you’ve been through this but glad you are feeling better! Sending love and best wishes, n.b. in my opinion Christmas coming once a year is too often anyway, bah humbug 😉 xxx

  2. Cool fashion accessory, do they come in colours?
    Yes, Christmas might just be blissfully stress free, certainly on the vital digestive organs, I’m quite looking forward to it.
    Please note the new email address
    Stay safe

  3. Hi Robbie

    Glad to hear you are well after a ‘wee blip’

    You and your team of four should now be known as Robbie and the Pacemakers.

    Stay safe and keep on rocking

    Best wishes from Glasgy

    Joan and Saffi

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