Yandabo (Pots !!) and The Kids Are Alright !!

A walking tour of Yandabo this morning. Famous for the place where some treaty was signed between Burmese & Brits. Needless to say it didn’t last !!

Now Yandabo is famous for making terracotta pots. Lots of mind numbing discussion about why they don’t make them with flat bottoms !! Had to walk away !!

Lots of friendly smiling faces including the 92 year old cheroot smoking Matriarch who stole the show !

The Kids Are Alright !!

Latest Selection from The Gang at Posh Pets. I clearly don’t have to worry about them then !!

Mister Max !!

One thought on “Yandabo (Pots !!) and The Kids Are Alright !!

  1. Yay! What a wonderful trip – loving all the photos. What a relief to know that the dogs are loving life too. Xxx

    Tara Paterson


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