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Doesn’t seem that long ago that I was getting back from Vietnam in February.    Memories still linger – Thanks to Rehahn’ amazing photos……..

Quite a lot has happened since, including a hernia operation (BIG Ouch !!!!) and various other medical stuff.     Other news includes that I have been virtually alcohol free since November.  A major shock to the system and, though I hate to admit it, has made a huge improvement to my health – both physical and mental !!!    No more anti-depressants and many other ailments (blood pressure etc) have normalised which can only be good !!

Also it means that I don’t trip over the dogs as often which is also a good thing !!!

Anyway am off on my travels again later this week.     Off to Kiev and then a cruise down the Dnieper through Ukraine to Odessa

Ukraine Map

Then 5 days in Istanbul

Istanbul - Blue Mosque_20190306_171530

with a side trip to Ephesus (Amazing Roman and Greek city and also where St John looked after Mary (Yup Jesus’ Mum) in AD37  where she spent the last years of her life).


Trying to book a day trip to Chernobyl whilst in Kiev but scheduling may restrict me to a visit to the Museum in Kiev so may have top come back for that one !!    Should be interesting in Ukraine, now that the new President is a comedian, and also since the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has broken away from the Russians who have always considered the “Lavra” in Kiev to be their holiest site and are well pissed off about it !!

So should be much to report and blog etc.   Always Wi-Fi permitting of course but it is getting globally better, especially with the help of those clever Chinese chaps at Huawei who have some great SIM charged gadgets that enable internet access almost (and I stress almost !!) anywhere these days !!

So log in and “follow” if you can be bothered.   feel free to “comment” etc.    And stay in touch ………….

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Travel Alert

  1. Hi Robbie

    So so thrilled to hear your news… particularly the alcohol free bit…wonderful that it has really had a positive effect on your health (an probs your demeanor too!).

    I just had a great trip to Morocco , before that Thailand and a few days in Ibiza chez Can Ricardo (Gala’s house).

    Glad you are getting around the world… Vietnam probably my favourite place but of course always so difficult to choose!

    Nicky coming to stay in Brighton for a while which I am really looking forward to.. she’s had a rough ride.. I know Tompkins is an old pal of yours… a wonderful pal… but not an Ideal Husband!

    Bons Voyages Love Juliette r >

  2. oops forgot to mention… your blogs are amazing.. lord knows how you manage to write, photograph and post.. I always mean to, but too knackered at the end of a marathon day… xxx >

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