Amazing Photos, a Trip to the Hanoi History Museum – Then Home

I almost forgot…..There is an amazing French photographer called Rehahn who now lives in Hoi An and has captured the soul and spirit of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people.   Needless to say I bought several of his small prints and one of his books, and now just need to find some space to hang them on.      They come in a range of sizes from postcard to ginormous.    Here are some of the ones that I had, but his full range can best be seen by clicking on (or pasting into your browser):

Otherwise just google Rehahn.   Its an amazing story and the photos are breathtaking!

Blue Eyed Girl_20190219_090711

Some of these photos have “gone viral” – whatever that means,  and the subjects are now some of the most famous images to come out of Vietnam in recent years.   He has put a lot of the the money that he is making back to the “models” and their communities and all in all is a good egg !!

Anyway back in Hanoi we visited the History Museum but by this time all eyes were on the airport and it has to be said that our little group of seven was now a group of four and another of three as after 3 weeks together things had become somewhat fractious !!

One thing that we all agreed on though was the fact that Jules Verne (our travel agent) had not done us or themselves any favors.    Since returning home several outraged missives have been fired at their head office (so far no reply of course).    I have already contacted the trusty Abercrombie & Kent to plan my next Asian adventure.    But more of that later…………

Home via Bangkok and Heathrow and needless to say a rapturous and very waggy reception from the kids when their jet lagged Dad arrived at the Kennels to collect them and take them home !!

So that’s the end of this adventure.    Thanks for the various comments and for making it to the end.    Watch this space for news and plans for the next adventures – The Dneiper (Ukraine) in May and Irrawaddy (Myanmar or Burma in my history books) in November are on the horizon.    As you may have gathered by now I am thoroughly enjoying this travelling and River Cruising lark !!    Long may it continue, before the Chinese tourist hordes make it to unbearable, or I run out of funds, and while I still can !!    Oh yes Selfie Sticks should be banned !!

Its just the airports that suck !!

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