Silk Island & Arrival in Phnom Penh

Sunset and sunrise and river life on the way to Phnom Penh:

We arrived on the outer outskirts of Phnom Penh and were transported by Tuk-tuk to Silk Island where – yes guess what ! – they make silk and weave it into scarves.     Unfortunately the shop only sold overpriced scarves so any ideas of buying a nice silk shirt were dashed !img_3373

Then a Martial Arts demonstration which reminded me of TV wrestling as it looked quite impressive but no-one got hurt !!

Back to the ship to get tarted up for a “special” cocktail party in the garden of Raffles Hotel.   Famous (well almost apparently) because Jackie Kennedy stayed here (her lipstick is still on the glass) while her husband was preparing to launch a series of ill-fated assaults in what rapidly escalated into the 17 year Vietnam War.    Charlie Chaplin was also supposed to have been a guest but we could find no trace !


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