Apologies for the somewhat fragmented nature of this blog.    It all started to go horribly wrong with Egyptian Wi-Fi which meant I couldn’t post anything until I got home.   Since then I have survived a 3 week stint in hospital for some “routine maintenance” and a spot of very overdue “medication juggling”.    Spending the festive season sandwiched between the withdrawal symptoms from the old meds and the side effects of the new !!

Not a lot of fun, but it seems to be sorting itself out, as I prepare for my next adventure up the Mekong River to Vietnam and Cambodia at the end of January.     Hopefully should be more blog friendly as the cruising bit is interspersed with a few decent hotels which should be able to accommodate me with Internet access etc.

So watch this space.    Oh yes and Happy Xmas to any of you that have followed this one to its conclusion.


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