Giza and Charlie Brown

Last time I was at the pyramids was several decades ago providing PA system for a Frank Sinatra Gala performance and Banquet in aid of Mrs Sadats hospital charity for very wealthy what we would now call Oligarchs.    It was billed as Three Extraordinary Days and they certainly were !!   A few days later Anwar Sadat was assassinated by his own soldiers at a military parade and the course of Egyptian History changed for ever !!    Any way that’s another story !!

Arrived off the bus and decided to make the acquaintance of a friendly camel (called Charlie Brown) and before I knew it had climbed aboard and lurched off as only camels do across the desert.     Needless to say there was considerable cost to all aspects of this, especially when I wanted to get off !!

Giza Charlie Brown (1)Giza Charlie Brown (3)Giza Charlie Brown (2)

Traipsed around the Sphinx and other tombs, temples and the buried boat department,    All very impressive but the local village has advanced considerably since we were  here with Frank and in typically Egyptian style to the detriment of the whole shebang !!

Then off to the Cairo Museum to see all the stuff that used to be in the empty tombs and temples that we had visited on our way down river.

No photos of the Best of Tutankhamun not even with Photo permit !    However loads of Sarcophagi, bling and mummified Pharaohs and their pets.   Outside the obligatory Dog who had managed to evade the embalmers,,,,,,,,,

The Obligatory Dog



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