Luxor and Tombs Galore

Most of the Day was spent sailing down the river towards Luxor. Navigating the Lock was just an excuse for the locals continuing to try to sell us stuff !

Arrived in Luxor in time to Main Temple “by Night”.       Quite mind-blowing.

Then onto the Winter Palace Hotel for cocktails and a determined and successful mission to buy cotton shirts made from Egyptian cotton rather than the omnipresent Chinese variety !!

Next morning, off to the Valleys of The Kings & Queens with their various tombs and temples.  Starting with Hatshepsut’s Temple

And a couple of huge statues of Ramses

Colossi of Memnon

Onto the Valley of The Kings and an assortment of empty tombs, all covered in amazing carvings, paintings and hieroglyphs.    The contents having been stolen way back though mostly have found their way into the worlds great museums.     More of that later !

Valley of The Kings (9)

Back to the ship for lunch before an afternoon visit to the Temples of Karnak.


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  1. Loving your blog & pics. It looks amazing. Did you enjoy the boat and being able to head back there after each outing? Xxx

    Tara Paterson


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