Better Late Than Never

As many of you may be aware, the non-existence of Internet Access in Egypt, let alone Wi-Fi, prevented me from publishing my blog as we went along.    Anyway I have been home for a few weeks now and sorted through all my photos and am now ready to post a selection for your delectation.

Set off for Aswan via Heathrow & Cairo and arrived after a very cramped journey (Egyptair – not great !!).  Boarded the MS Darakum which was to be “home” for the next 12 nights.

The first morning was off to view the Aswan Dams and the first of many Temples that had to be relocated and reconstructed in order to get them above the rising water of Lake Nasser.

In case there was any doubt we have definitely arrived in Africa..

A lot of Nubians selling the same tat and not best pleased that almost their entire homeland is now under water !!

First stop was the High Dam, which is just that, and supplies electricity and controls irrigation to the Nile Valley and most of Egypt.

Then a short boat ride to the Island Temple of Philae – one of the first to be moved for the lake-bed and relocated to keep its feet dry.


Then an afternoon visiting Kitchener Island (Botanical Gardens & Stuff) followed by a couple of mind-blowing hours cruising around the First Cataracts observing the amazing selection of bird-life that live along the banks.     Never saw myself as a bird watcher but this was pretty special !!

Then a view of some riverside tombs (the first of many !!) and a visit to the Nubian Museum with some amazing sculptures and artifacts rescued from the towns and temples now inundated by Lake Nasser.

Aswan - River & Birds (5)



Coming up next a quick whinge and any amazing day trip to Abu Simbel…..

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