St Petersburg – Day 3

Day 3 in Petersburg and the last day under the umbrella of Volga Dream before I go solo again and head off to Novgorod.

We started at the Hermitage/Winter Palace with the usual familiarisation tour.    Amazing rooms, furniture, vases & urns – not to mention the odd painting or two !

Then downstairs to  the absolutely mind blowing exhibition of Scythian Gold & Jewellery.    No Photos I’m afraid, so had to buy the book.     3000 years old and techniques that modern Jewellers including Faberge etc have been unable to replicate.

Lunch and then we headed to the Faberge Exhibition which I have to admit was a bit of an anti climax after the Scythian splendours.     However some nice porcelain and many eggs………..

Oh yes and an obligatory pearl smothered icon or two.


Next came the River/Canal cruise which really should have been on Day One as its a great way to familiarise oneself to the general layout of this extraordinary city.    But then as you may have gathered Volga Dream should stick to cruising the Volga as their land based activities leave a lot to be desired !!!!

Back on shore following a girl with a Tutu as we head to Yesileevs to feast our eyes on foody heaven


A statue of Catherine the Great and back to the hotel for a last supper with Jack & Judy my new pals from the Gang of Five as the S African/Zimbabwean couple Bill & Sue had gone exploring.


Some pictures from the roof terrace and then dinner with the inevitable disagreement with the staff !!

Great fellow travellers even though Bill does have a fascination for all things to do with pipes !!!   And not quite  sure why Judy seems to be giving me the finger – probably something I said …………….

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