Saint Petersburg – Day One

Disembarked from Volga Dream first thing and were met by our new local guide Ludmilla and taken straight off to the Yusipov Palace.   Much opulence and spleandor and best known as where Rasputin was murdered.   At this point my trusty camera decided to give up the ghost so only one photo.    Check back to last years blog for more photos and details on the Rasputin malarkey.


Then off to Peterhof created by Peter the Great and inspired by his visit to Versailles.      Only did the gardens this time but the weather was amazing, compared to last year when it was freezing and chucking it down.

So a few photos of sunny fountains including the awesome Grand Cascade.   All fed by gravity and from a source over 14Km away.     Camera still misbehaving so scroll back to last year for more details and shots of a rainy day at Peterhof.


Then back on the bus and St Petersburg for a visit to the St Peter & Paul fortress and cathedrals with loads of dead Romanov’s and bling.


A view from the fortress across the Neva and then back to the hotel for dinner and major “argie bargie” with extraordinary display of arrogant abuse from the restaurant staff.    Our “Group of Five” decidedly unimpressed however some fine wine calmed everybody down.     Camera still not cooperating so a shopping trip had to be scheduled for the next day so that normal service can be maintained.    Things may get a tad  flaky for the next 24 hrs as had to resort to plan B which involved I-Phones and my cheap spare camera which also didn’t want to work !!   Off to bed as another hectic day scheduled for the next day.



2 thoughts on “Saint Petersburg – Day One

  1. Wot was the Argie Bargie abart? (Sorry to be more interested in that than the cultural proceedings.). Anyway, I expect to be enlightened in the most fulsome way when you return.

    1. Atrophy young wench of a Maitre do who claimed that all tables were reserved and they couldn’t fit us in
      Which as we were staying in the hotel after a long day went down like the proverbial rattlesnake in a tomboys
      Especially as 2 hours later we were almost the only people in there. Get the picture ……..
      Needless to say she has been shipped to the Siberian branch.

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