Various “Omens” and my 7th sense had alerted me to the fact that the Volga Dream Moscow 3-Day Tour was not going to live up to expectations and promises.   So I booked myself a spare day in advance so that I could see various places that had strangely dropped off  the schedule.   This included the Diamond Fund in The Kremlin Armoury (no  photos I’m afraid) with jaw-dropping jewellery and State Regalia not to mention bucket fulls (literally) of raw, uncut and cut diamonds.   Not to mention the largest gold and platinum nuggets that you can imagine.       Also did the circuit of Kremlin Cathedrals and the usual sites including the Tsar Cannon and Bell which apart from their size have one thing in common – which is that neither ever worked !!   So lets start there..

Volga Wi-Fi is proving to be even slower than its Siberian counterpart last year !!   So will publish the blurb and photos will follow,,,,,,,,,,







3 thoughts on “Moscow………

  1. Keep ’em coming, Robbie. Really enjoying reading these posts. Hope all is well. Love, Richard (Evans) x

  2. Great to see you on the move again. I am in I
    Iran at the end of a 12,000 mile Silk Road Tour .
    Absolutely no time to write a blog and an exhausting schedule. .. five week tour. You are such a Russian expert now. Such an interesting blog. Loving it! Now learn the language. Dos vedanya for now.

  3. I was keeping a journal of our visit to Moscow and while writing notes in a small notebook inside the Diamond Fund, a young officer pulled me outside of the room, confiscated my notebook, made me empty all pockets and examined my foreign identification for a very long time. I had images of calling the American Embassy but he finally let me back into the room, sans notebook. It’s an amazing collection of jewels and gems.

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