Suzdal is the “Jewel of the Crown” of the Golden Ring as it has been there since 1024 and for various reasons has never expanded into a large urbanisation,    There are churches, convents and monasteries everywhere.   In fact they probably outnumber the number of dwellings.   At one time there were 15 active monasteries each with their own cluster of churches.    The following photos focus on one monastery and one convent with a few other stray churches thrown in.    It has to be seen to be believed as each one contains a plethora of icons, frescoes, treasures and surprises,  Each one has a story – usually tragic – to tell .   The Monastery that I visited (St Euphimious) was used a prison for “problem” political prisoners who were deemed to be unbalanced and were therefore special cases during 19th and early 20th Century.    In WW2 it was used as a prisoners for Italian and German soldiers captured at Stalingrad so “ghosts” abound.     Amazing hidden museum galleries containing awesome quantities of Icons, Jewels and other  treasures.    Suzdal was never conquered and so managed to avoid being pillaged by either Napoleon, Hitler or the rest of the marauding armies that have ransacked Russia over the past millennia.

Anyway a selection ……….

That was the Monastery,   here is the Convent…

A few other gems..

And a man waking his dogs in the river….

Soggy Dogs

The entire area around Suzdal is a Unesco World Heritage Sight.

Next stop Kostroma and Yaroslavyl……………


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