Better Late Than Never……….

OK – So the Kids have been packed of to Summer Camp – Yes they fell for it again !!

Dropped into London for some retail therapy before a fab – though somewhat bucolic evening at the Chelsea Arts Club – and a reunion with Sam (our wonderful doctor from last years Blue Train adventure) so much to catch up on !!

Off to Heathrow at dawn for the flight to Moscow – British Airways – You’ve got to love those Air Miles !

Arrived at the Ararat Park Hyatt in time to watch the sun go down on the Kremlin from the roof terrace, with the Boshoi Theatre just below.     Entertained by grotesque Oligarch and his fawning coterie of wives, mistresses, sisters and “models” (at least a dozen).    It was like a scene of McMafia though fortunately without the guns !!    Decided not to take a close up but this photo should give you the idea !!

Moscow & McMafia

Early night as setting off on my Golden Ring Tour first thing.      Lots to follow as have just got back to Moscow after 4 day – 1000 Km road trip – 8 cities and more icons and onion domes than you can possibly imagine.    Lots of photos to follow.    Battling with a new lap-top (Spanish Keyboard !!) and a Russian SIM card. So taking a while to get up to full blogging speed.     In Moscow for the next 4 nights before boarding the Volga Dream for a 6 night cruise up the Volga to St Petersburg.     Will send this now so that I can remember how it all works.

This country is still extraordinary with new surprises around every corner……..


6 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never……….

  1. Amazing!!!!! Was thinking about you, sorry to miss you in London, will you be coming back through on your return? Have the best time and longing to see all the photos. Much love xx


  2. Can’t wait to hear more about your Russian adventures! Take and post loads of photos so we can enjoy vicariously and have the most fabulous fun!!

  3. Well, carry on up the Volga! Glad you’re having a good time and looking forward to hearing more Russian news. Xx

  4. I’m loving this Robbie. Been catching up on last trip … xxx

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    1. Can’t respond to your ‘new blog’ unless this is it? Love reading this journey – and I’m learning some shit quick (as my son would say) xx love you

      1. Hang on in there !! This is one of my tricks for keeping the black dog away !! There’s loads to go yet – another 3 weeks worth…………

        R xx

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