A Momentary Lapse in Transmission….

Apologies for lack of new posts over the last week or so.    Various factors were involved including:

  • Siberian Wi-Fi or the lack thereof
  • China’s continued “blockade” of all things Goggle related including Gmail.
  • A huge deluge of photos from my camera and my fellow travellers (Sam & Tatiana etc).   All of which need sorting & sifting.
  • The last 4 days of stumbling from one Airport Lounge to the next as I navigate my way back to Malaga

Normal service will be resumed and I will do a final set of posts once I have made it home, reunited with my canine companions and got over jet-lag.


3 thoughts on “A Momentary Lapse in Transmission….

  1. what an epic journey Robbie! I have enjoyed following you as you have traversed that vast country and look forward to another educational on your return, over wine

  2. Look forward to seeing you and hearing all about your adventure. Photos have been fabulous. M

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