Ulan Ude and the Old Believers

The capital of the Buryat Republic and home to many of the Old Believers – religious dissidents who were exiled  for refusing to comply with modifications to their mode of worship.   The main issue being how many fingers they should cross themselves with.   They use 2 and the new edict specified 3.   Some of the devout even cut off one finger so that they could not be forced into crossing with 3 fingers.   Anyway I digress so on with the show…   First up the city centre of Ulan Ude.

Then back on the bus for a trip to the Old Believers Village some way out of town.


A fake wedding that was very entertaining involving Sam & Eric who were unexpectedly pulled out of the audience !!    As were several others including myself who were obliged to toast the happy couple with large shots of vodka !!    Then back to Ulan Ude to board the train for Mongolia and Ulaan Baatar………………

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