Irkutsk – The Paris of Siberia – Well not quite the Paris that I remember !!

Apologies for the gap in transmissions but as anticipated Siberian Wi-Fi was patchy at best.    As I try to catch up at train maintenance stops – usually in places where there is a semblance of Wi-Fi I will try to keep the posts in chronological order with the relevant photos etc.   No guarantees though that I won’t get my Irkutsk confused with my Yakutsks.   Its reminiscent of the board game “Risk” though now I can see why those areas were so large but possessing them didn’t help you to win the game !!!

After Novosibersk (A tad boring !) We overnighted to Irkutsk and set off for a city tour.

Wooden Houses are a speciality.   Then on to meet Arthur the Bell Ringer whose main focus in life seemed to be getting laid !!IMG_4863

A bunch of very keen school kids goose stepping on their way to stand guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier (quite a few of those in Russia). the usual cathedral

Admiral Kolchak (with the pigeon on his head) who during the Civil war was briefly the Supreme Ruler of All the Russians and controlled most of the Trans Siberian Railway east of the Urals before being captured by the Red Army and executed in Irkutsk.     Tsar Alexander ll on the right and someone whose name escapes me.

Then a drive out of town for a fantastic lunch at a private dacha all prepared with produce from their veg patch:

Then back into town to see the local market – These guys are not going to starve…

Next stop the Volkonskys Museum and the history of The Decemberists and their heroic and long suffering wives.      Internet is fading as we leave Ulan Ude for the 2nd Time in 3 days.           Will upload this and get back to you later……….  R






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