Stowaways & Summer Camp

Finally we have made it to the eve of my departure.    Despite Cleo’s attempt to stowaway as soon as the suitcase came out………..

We have managed to get all the kids off to Summer Camp (at least that’s what I told them -well kennels actually).

Izzy clearly not to chuffed but we got there in the end !!!   Amber at 65Kg is always a hand full  to get into the car but gravity helps on the way out !

So its off to Malaga airport in the morning and just hope that British F*-ing Airways have got a plane for me to get on to get me to London and a night at Chelsea Arts Club.

I have now linked this web/blog site to Facebook so expect to see posts whenever Siberian Wi-Fi permits.    Feel free to Trash or Delete !!



4 thoughts on “Stowaways & Summer Camp

  1. Robbie,

    Hope you have a fantastic time! Looking forward to reading your posts.


    Sent from my iPad


    1. Very odd not having them around to trip over and chat to
      Off at dawn to find out if BA have got their sh1t together
      Stay happy and love to Sara
      R x


  2. I guess Cleo’s weight would’ve been a giveaway at check-in if she’d managed to sneak under your socks! Hope you made it to the Arts Club….. and the next leg of yr journey is problem free Cx


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