The “Official Burial Site” and the Monastery of Ganyna Yama


Ganyna Yama Monastery Entrance


Ganyna Yama Layout


One of 7 Churches at Ganyna Yama


Phew I have almost caught up with posts.  Competing with the UK elections for Band-width hasn’t helped.      A day on the train today after Novosibersk yesterday which was pretty dull unless you happen to be a trainspotting “anorak” in which case the Railway Museum would have had you in its thrall !!!!    I will post some pictures later of large engines and snow plows etc. just in case you are !.    We have just crossed into East Siberia and its almost lunchtime !!    More later



2 thoughts on “The “Official Burial Site” and the Monastery of Ganyna Yama

  1. Enjoying your posts enormously -your writing and photos are great. What a trip! Have long been fascinated by the whole Nicholas & Alexander period.

    1. If you click on the Research & Homework page you will see what I’ve. Been up to for the last 15 months.
      Amazon delivers and I do lots of reading !!
      R x

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