Moscow & The Kremlin

Another soggy day in Russia and a quick tour around Moscow and The Kremlin.


Kremlin Armoury – Gold Collection – Jewelled Bible

Kremlin - Cathedral of the Annunciation

Kremlin – Cathedral of The Annunciation

Kremlin - Cathedral

Kremlin – Cathedral

Kremlin Cathedral Domes

Kremlin – Cathedral Domes

Kremlin - Dormition Cathedral

Kremlin – Dormition Cathedral

Kremlin - Tsar Cannon

Kremlin – Tsar Cannon

Kremlin - Tsar Bell

Kremlin – Tsar Bell

Kremlin - Spasky Tower

Kremlin – Spasky Gate


Kremlin – Armoury – Gold Collection – Icons



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  1. Wet windy and cold here, at least you are enjoying these fantastic visual and historical delights, looks fascinating. Jacqui x

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