1997 Moscow 850th Anniversary

A concert (more like a pantomime actually) that RWP staged in Red Square in 1997 to celebrate the 850th Anniversary of the founding of Moscow.   Commissioned by Boris Yeltsin and the then Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov.     The show was a pageant depicting Moscow’s History and featured Cossacks, Camels and a mechanised Dragon.   Other featured artists were Evgeny Kissin and Valery Gergiev along with the Red Army Choir and Orchestra.     One of the highlights was this performance by Pelageya Khanova who was about 11 at the time.     Also available on YouTube:

Click below for Audio Only:

In 2010 Luzhkov was fired when a multi-billion pound “hole” was found in the city’s accounts and his wife became the richest woman in Russia.    Funny that ……………….

For the edited highlights of the entire show see below: